As a result of a two-year journey of expansion, rebranding, and restructuring, in 2024, we enter a new era and brings together three distinct business areas under a single brand – BBDouro Group. With this step, we aim to reflect our ongoing commitment to sustainable development, innovation, and excellence.

We began this journey in 2022 when we announced the expansion of our services with the acquisition of two prominent companies in the nautical market in Northern Portugal: Ondastar (in 2022) and Douro Yachts (in 2023). Our portfolio, which focused on sailing school, training, tourism, events, and nautical advertising for individual and corporate clients, then asserted itself in the market by offering a range that allowed us to accompany our clients throughout their journey.

“We entered a new business area with a well-defined position and a clear focus on innovation and process efficiency, relying on the business structure we have, but also maintaining the respect we have always had for our competitors and partners, as has been the case since the creation of BBDouro in 2012.”

– Diogo Barros, CEO

In 2023, we announced a rebranding that encompassed the three companies, unifying them with the same identity, albeit retaining the original brands.

With the start of 2024, and after two years of work on restructuring the organization, we now present a new reality centered around a single brand: BBDouro Group.

BBDouro Group

“BDouro Group encompasses three business areas:

  • BBDouro Nautical Experiences, which offers all the services related to sailing school, training, tourism, events, and nautical advertising that the original BBDouro was dedicated to;
  • BBDouro Boat Services, which results from the merger of the companies Ondastar and Douro Yachts, which were already a reference in the maintenance, repair, and sale of nautical equipment, and which throughout 2023, in a joint effort, expanded their presence in the nautical market in Northern Portugal;
  • And BBDouro Yachts & Brokerage, a new business area that aims to respond to another stage of the BBDouro customer, with the sale of new and used boats.

“It is with great satisfaction that we announce this new phase in the life of BBDouro Group. We have grown and consolidated the business sustainably, always committed to delivering our best to our customers in an open and honest manner, acknowledging our strengths, but also our uncertainties.”

– Diogo Barros, CEO

The merger of these brands under the name BBDouro Group reflects not only a transformation but also our renewed commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. During this process, the individual brands (Douro Yachts and Ondastar) will converge into a unified presence on all BBDouro digital channels (website and social media), consolidating communication and information sharing with our community.

“We rely on a team that has been constantly growing, without which it would not be possible to make this journey. A team that lives what we call the ‘BBDouro culture,’ a culture assimilated by each new collaborator and reminded to older employees in all our dynamics, interactions, and daily actions.”

– Diogo Barros, CEO

Today, we have three offices, a workshop, two warehouses, two customer service spaces, a fleet with over 30 boats, and a team of 36 people who ensure daily the quality associated with BBDouro’s services.

We continue by your side at every stage of your nautical journey!


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