Our skilled team offers comprehensive boat maintenance and repair services, including paint blasting, hull painting, fiberglass work, and mechanical repairs. Trust us for your boat’s readiness.

Our skilled rigging team, boasting years of expertise, caters to your unique needs with precision. From optimizing sheet and halyard systems to mast tuning, rope work, and mast inspection, we offer a comprehensive suite of services. Whether at our facilities or any marina in Portugal and Spain, we ensure excellence in every detail.

As the official representative of Flexiteek, we’re experts in the application of this revolutionary synthetic teak solution. Our skilled team ensures a seamless installation in any marina in Portugal and Spain. Invest in a low-maintenance, long-lasting deck with BBDouro Boat Services and Flexiteek.

Our Boat Chandlery offers a diverse range of nautical essentials. Navigate a one-stop shopping experience at Douro Marina facilities, ensuring your boat is equipped for unforgettable journeys.

Our boat refit services exceed routine maintenance, embarking on a transformative journey to enhance, repair, and maintain every aspect of your vessel. Whether you’re a private boat owner, a maritime fleet company, or a racing team aiming for that extra edge, our dedicated team is committed to elevating your boating experience.

Our boat transport and storage services are designed to provide you with peace of mind, knowing that your boat is in good hands. Our skilled professionals guarantee safe and efficient transportation, while our covered storage facilities shield your boat from the elements.

Elevate your boat into an expression of your unique style with BBDouro Boat Services. Recognizing that your boat is an extension of your personality, our boat aesthetics services are crafted to personalize every inch, inside and out.

Our boat consulting services are tailored to assist boat owners in navigating the complex waters of boat ownership, covering legal aspects and equipment decisions.

“We are a brand that has brought together the best of the two largest nautical maintenance and repair companies and the largest recreational nautical company in the north of Portugal. We have combined the knowledge and experience of the former companies with the focus on the quality of the service delivered that is characteristic of BBDouro.”

Alexandre Soares, BBDouro Boat Services Business Planning & Management

BBDouro Boat Services - We Solve It


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