BBDouro Nautical Experiences - Easter Sailing Camp

From the april 1st to april 5th, from 5 to 15 years old, at Douro Marina – Vila Nova de Gaia


Children, grandchildren, nephews, stepchildren… they’re all in for a week full of adventure in the Douro estuary nature reserve!

What can you expect from ou sailing camps?

Learning to sail

Your children will acquire essential sailing skills while exploring the waters of the Douro River. Through practical and theoretical lessons they will master sailing techniques and maneuvers.

Personal development

Our sailing camps provide an ideal environment for children’s personal development. Over five days they will: learn to work as a team, strengthen their self-confidence, build lasting friendships and preserve and conserve the environment.

Unforgettable fun

A perfect mix of learning and fun with activities including sailing competitions, water games and plenty of diving and play in the waters of the Douro estuary natural reserve.



To ensure that the kids learn to sail securely, the first lessons take place in an area shielded from strong winds, currents, and waves. The classes become more challenging as students gain nautical skills, going farther down the Douro River and even out to sea.



Children’s progress is continuous throughout the week, starting with learning how to prepare the boat and the basics of sailing, moving on to sailing assisted by an older junior sailor, sailing in a group and finally sailing solo.



We believe that sailing is a universal sport with no barriers, be they linguistic or physical. Our program is adapted to welcome any child who wants to learn to sail and our instructors speak fluent Portuguese and English.

“My daughter has been taking part in this activity for several years and enjoys it very much. Thank you for your dedication to children and to this sport.”


Why BBDouro Nautical Experiences?

The BBDouro Nautical Experiences Junior Sailing Academy and Sailing Camps are projects that we have been developing since the first day of our history. They started from Diogo Barros’ (CEO) conviction that it was necessary to change the way sailing was introduced to children in Portugal.

This is how a program was born, aimed at children and young people, which promotes learning to sail boats in a healthy and comfortable environment. The main goal is to instill a love for sailing and the sea and to let each one experience it in their own way, whether for leisure, competition or as a possible profession.

A vision that has been realized for 12 years with the help of instructors who have passed on, and continue to pass on, a love and passion for this sport of ours to the hundreds of students we have received.

BBDouro Nautical Experiences - Easter Sailing Camp


Have a restful week knowing that your children will have an unforgettable Easter vacation with BBDouro Nautical Experiences.

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from april 1st to april 5th.

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