Events and activities are a vital component of every organisation, but ensuring that the “boat arrives at a good port” requires careful planning, a team with years of experience, and a lot of details.

At BBDouro Nautical Experiences we don’t just organize nautical activities and experiences. When working with us, you can anticipate a variety of proposals to elevate your business event, all handled by a staff with extensive experience and years of expertise.


We are prepared to plan your company’s greatest event. Request a quotation right away.

Eventos Corporativos BBDouro

Discover the true essence of teamwork with our team building activity!

We’ll put your staff’s coordination and sense of camaraderie to the test for three hours while they learn how to navigate a boat and go through a number of thrilling tests.


Do you want to keep your teams motivated and your employees satisfied?

Plan an unconventional group activity, like a speedboat or sailboat cruise, to shake up the daily grind at work. It will strengthen the company culture and boost output and employee happiness.

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Entrust our team with all the specifics of your event, including the location, food, transportation, entertainment, and much more.

Give us a concept, and we’ll collaborate to make it an unforgettable experience. The possibilities are endless when combining one of our business events on the water with a dinner, wine tasting, or cocktail!

“Without a doubt, this teambuilding activity fits in perfectly with this team. It will be remembered by all the participants for a long time to come”


Why BBDouro Nautical Experiences?

At BBDouro Nautical Experiences we are committed to providing the best experiences on board or ashore. Our service is exceptional in terms of presentation, caring, activity dynamics, and team professionalism.

For 12 years, we have enjoyed sharing our passion for the sea and the Douro River, while also planning some of the top nautical events in Portugal. Our team is made up of event industry professionals with several years of experience, eager to surprise you.


We are prepared to plan your company’s greatest event. Request a quotation right away.


Estamos prontos para preparar o melhor evento da sua empresa!

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